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Rye House Kart Raceway - Jenson Cup - Round 8

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

So we are back to Rye House for Round 8 of the Jenson Cup and are in the closing stages now of the Championship with 2 more rounds to go following this one and I'm still leading the Championship.

In the Quali session I stuck with Matteo and we were exchanging the lead every couple of laps to give each other a tow and was literally swapping the lead lap after lap and this worked really well. In the end I secured the pole position in the Quali session.

So I started on Pole for the race and glad that I was on the inside as the other times that I have been on the outside you lose positions straight away. I got a good launch and the fact that I had pole gave me the advantage as others that are lighter were stuck behind me as I also had Matteo trying to get in behind me, so I was relatively unchallenged for the initial lead. As soon as we all got up to speed there was a few attempts to take the lead, but they were all unsuccessful.

I lead for the entire duration of the race and managed to secure win number 5 of the season and won by 6.1 seconds. This now extended my Championship lead to 18 points clear with 2 rounds remaining.

Looking forward to the next round in November.

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