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About Me

Photo taken at Whilton Mill Race Track
Photo taken at Brentwood Karting Race track
Photo taken at Lydd Race Track

Jack Stedman

Birthdate: 18th July 2008

From: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Photo taken of Jack Stedman with his season 9 trophy haul

Hi there, my name is Jack Stedman, and I'm a 15-year-old go-kart racer with big dreams.  My journey in karting started when I was invited to a friend's birthday party at a local indoor track.  To my surprise, I quickly realized that I had a natural talent for racing.  By the end of the party, I had taken the First Place Trophy - not a bad way to start my karting journey!

This win ignited my passion for karting, and my mum found my home track, Brentwood Karting, where I first started out in the Development Club.  Here, I learned the correct racing lines and improved my lap times.  I quickly gained the skills and competency to join the Race League and achieve my first podium in December.

Starting out in the Race League was not easy for me. I spent most weeks being lapped and spinning out around corners.  However, I persevered and continued to improve, eventually claiming 3 Consecutive Cadet Championship after completing my 7th Season at Brentwood Karting.

One of my biggest inspirations is Formula 1.  Watching the top drivers in the world compete at the highest level is what motivates me to work harder and strive for excellence.  My dream is to one day become a Racing Driver, and I know that my passion for go-karting is the foundation for achieving that goal.

When I'm not racing, I'm working hard in school to maintain my grades and stay focused on my goals. I know that education is important for a successful career, both on and off the track.

In my spare time, I love racing on my sim on Assetto Corsa and playing F1.  I also volunteer my time at Brentwood Karting, helping coach new drivers in the Development Club, just as I started out.

Through this website, I hope to inspire others to pursue their passion for go-karting, just as I have. I'll be sharing tips and advice on how to improve your racing skills, stories from my experiences on the track, and my personal journey as a go-kart racer.

Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you enjoy following my journey as a young go-kart racer with big dreams.

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