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Rye House Kart Raceway - Jenson Cup - Round 4

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

We are back at Rye House for Round 4 of the Jenson Cup following my dropped Round 3, as I couldn't make that round due to commitments with school.

The evening started out with the standard 15 minute Quali session which decided the grid for the race. I had a really decent Quali and managed to secure pole for the start, the only downside with this is I'm now one of the heavier drivers on the grid and the other smaller drivers get a much better launch from a standing start, so I normally lose out on position from the start.

As predicted P2 flew off of the line and I lost the lead initially but by the end of the first lap I had regained the lead again and maintained this for the remainder of the race.

I had to defend for the whole race and this was certainly one of the toughest races that I have had at Rye House to date and with every round I'm getting heavier now this is going to be a tough season!

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