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Rye House Kart Raceway - Jenson Cup - Round 2

We are back at Rye House for Round 2 of the Jenson Cup and it's going to be a totally new experience for me.... Rye House in the Wet. I've never raced in the wet here so lets see what we can get out of this one today.

It was a standard 15 minute Quali session which decided the grid for the race. We could then get out of the kart to stretch our legs or grab a drink if needed but the clock kept ticking down on the race so normally it is around the 35-40 minute mark.

I only managed to secure P2 in quali, but was confident that my lap times were consistent enough to take the lead. We got underway and my visor was pretty foggy so you couldn't really make out too much from the footage, but I didn't get the best of starts and I actually lost out on a few places.

By the end of the first lap I was back into P2 and chasing down Matteo, the leader. We had a good battle for a few laps and then unfortunately his chain snapped on his kart so he had to wait for a new kart to arrive to switch over and bizarrely enough wasn't reinstated into his position of P2. It wasn't until after the race that we was told that the chain snapping is not deemed a mechanical failure and that of driver fault, therefore he was not reinstated.

By this time I had no one challenging me for the lead and was able to keep putting in consistent times and the pack that was following was all battling for position which enabled me to pull a gap, in the end crossing the line to take the win by 28.594 seconds and also taking the fastest lap of the race.

I will be missing out on Round 3 as I will be taking part in the BSKC 2023 Regional Finals on behalf of my school but will be back for Round 4 where hopefully the sun will be shining, rather than the rain pouring!

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