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Rye House Kart Raceway - Jenson Cup - Round 1

We arrived at Rye House for the first round of the Jenson Cup. Having never raced here before I wasn't sure what to expect with everyones abilities and what would lie ahead with a new championship I had not raced in before.

I was told that we basically race for an hour in total. Normally 15 minutes of this is your Quali session and decides the grid for the race. We could then get out of the kart to stretch our legs or grab a drink if needed but the clock will keep ticking down on the race so normally it is around the 40 minute mark.

I managed to secure the pole position but was surrounded by people that I had no clue how they raced so I had to take it very easily off the line and keep my lines tight, having never raced at this track this could go any way!

The start that I got from the line was OK and I held the lead, there must have been quite a bit of chaos behind me as no one made any moves to take the lead from me and I was just consistently putting in decent lap times and with every lap was extending my lead.

I lapped a few people towards the end of the race but secured the win by 15.865 seconds. I'm looking forward to Round 2 next month.

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