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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 8

We are back again for Round 8 of the Brentwood Super League and the Quali session was F1 Quali. I survived Q1 but Q2 got caught in others mess which completely impeded my lap so that was the end of that one and I was starting P8 on the outside - brilliant!

As predicted the start of the race was just carnage with people being shoved off of track and then getting sandwiched in the middle of drivers returning to the track, I was surprised that it wasn't restarted, but it was just the worst start for me.

A late lunge from behind put me on the wrong side of the track and was then put into the wall dropping multiple places, an ABC was awarded in my favour but by this point it was just a pointless race really, was getting hit all over the place and no penalties were issued, finishing up P9 and fuming.

Next up was Heat 2 and I was starting Pole & a win was massively needed following the disaster that was Heat 1. I got a decent start to the race but coming into the closing corners I did go a little wide, to me it should have been an ABC as there was no way that Alex was halfway up the inside and I was pushed offline but no penalty was given. Alex's kart had a much better straight-line speed than mine and that was the end of it as he was just off and there was nothing further that I could have done.

Towards the end of the Heat Alex made a mistake which I took advantage of and reclaimed the lead. In the final corners again I would have questioned a move that was made which pushed me offline again and lost position on but this again was not given. It was just turning into one of them days and I had to settle for P2.

B Final was up next and I was starting Pole. All I needed was a top 2 finish to earn promotion to the A Final. I didn't get the best of starts in this one but being on the inside saved me and I still managed to keep hold of the lead. I held this for a few laps but down the bottom hairpin the kart was so bumpy it was just losing so much time there and it was only a matter of time till Troy passed. I just needed to stick with him and try to pull away from a chasing pack. I crossed the line P2 and that was promotion to the A Final, so at least some half decent points maybe salvaged from a horrific day.

Next up was the A Final and I was starting P10, so was hoping for some kind of miracle here..... my confidence well and truly evaporated as I was pulling away from the start line as it was cutting out. The opening few laps no progress was made at all and then the kart started cutting out again on the straight so I ended up pitting & changing the kart. There was now so much work to do it was going to be near on impossible but had to give it my best shot.

There was an incident up ahead that lead to 2 karts being off the track round the wrong way so I capitalised on that within the first 2 laps of being out there. Then the kart just come alive and was able to power past Troy and Mikey was going slow on the inside (not sure why) but again made up another 2 positions and before I knew it the podium places were within reaching distance. The time ran out before I had a chance to get there but that was a decent recovery drive for sure and some good points banked from an incredibly infuriating day.

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