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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 7

Here we are again, Brentwood Karting for Round 7 of the Super League Championship.

So we headed out for Quali and I wasn't happy with the pace of the kart so I pitted straight away to change to a different one, always a bit of a gamble as the kart that you are given maybe cold and will need a few laps to warm up which in quali you really don't have and to be fair, the one I swapped for was equally as bad and was cutting out.

We aren't usually allowed to swap karts once Quali has finished so I'm not sure if they knew there was a problem with it as it was taken straight into the garage and was out for the rest of the day, the great news was that I was swapped out of 5 and you guessed it put straight back into the kart I orginally tinned - brilliant!

So I lined up on the grid P8 and was just thinking I needed to survive as best as I could & hope for a miracle! A flying tyre barrier helped my start out where I found myself sitting in P6 by the end of lap 1 but this was as good as it was going to get in that heat, P6 finish and all things considering it was OK.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting on the outside again in P8 and had the most awful of starts and went straight to the back of the pack after the kart went nowhere off of the line. I made up some good places in the next few corners but the pace of the kart was just shocking out of corners and no matter what I did everyone was just taking me, in the end we crossed the line P11 - awful.

The B Final was up and due to the awful results on the day I was starting way down in P10 on the outside again. I didn't get the best of starts and pretty quickly was sitting down in P13, when I was hit into a barrier and was then in P14, the day was just getting worse, this time an ABC was awarded in my favour, but from P14 to P13 was hardly much to celebrate.

A lovely move see me climb 4 places in 1 corner in the end finishing P9, another round to forget really.

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