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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 6

We are back for Round 6 of the Championship at Brentwood and was hoping for a positive round.

First up was Quali and it was pretty uneventful, I didn't really feel that I had hooked up a good lap but to my surprise I managed to Quali P3.

So I was on the inside of the track and it was a rolling start. It was a pretty bumpy start and I just held onto the inside as best as I could. Sam who was on pole was trying to hold Beau on the outside and in doing so a gap become available and I just jumped in there and was hoping to get a lead that I could try to build on.

Sam tried to pull it back and a few times was right on me but there was a point when he had to switch from attack to defence and that was when I started to pull a gap and secured the win with a 3.6 seconds lead, great start to the day.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting right down the back of the grid. I got the worst start ever being on the outside of the grid and the kart going nowhere off of the line and was literally sitting there watching everyone plough past. I'm not quite sure why, but the heat was restarted but I was very thankful that it was as the start was that bad.

The restart was no better for me, if anything I think it was actually a place worse! The first lap I was sitting last, this was going to be a long slog of a race. I made up some positions through the race but the kart was just AWFUL down the straight, it really had no pace at all, so it was so difficult to make much progress.

I got really lucky when 2 drivers tangled with each other going round post 4 which allowed me to make up 2 positions. After this point the kart really did start to come alive but it was just too much into the heat to have made a difference unfortunately, crossing the line P5. Considering where we started and how the first few laps went it was the equivalent of a win!

I was starting pole in the B Final due to the grid penalty that I incurred from last weeks P2 finish. I actually thought that I hit the record button on the Cambox but this can't have been the case as there was no footage after Heat 2.

Either way it was a bit of a disaster of a Final. I lost the lead of the race within the first few laps as George's kart was quicker than mine and instead of racing sensibly & trying to work together to pull away from the chasing pack I started trying to battle back for the lead and in doing so the chasing pack literally swallowed me up and I was just going further and further down the order, finally crossing the line P6 - AWFUL, but by the end I was angry racing, rather than using my head. Let's hope for better next week.

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