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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 5

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We are back to Brentwood for Round 5 of the Championship and the quali session was a F1 style quali again.

I survived all the sessions and managed to Quali in P2. I was a bit annoyed with myself as I didn't really want to be on the outside again as I seem to just be getting killed on the outsides recently.

The start got underway and I got a really good start considering I was on the outside and held position in P2. The idea was just to stick with Leon, pull a gap from the chasing pack and then battle towards the end of the heat, this all sounds great in theory till the race was flagged and restarted - argh!!!!

I still managed to hold P2 on the 2nd start, however it wasn't as good as the 1st and I had dropped back a little as I had to go defensive to hold the position. There was some good defensive driving from Leon that stopped me from getting the win but P2 was as good as I could manage in this one.

Heat 2 was up next and I starting P3 and on the inside. I got a great launch so was hoping that this would carry on but going round turn 1 it didn't really want to turn much but luckily enough the heat was restarted as Nathan's kart didn't get off of the line, so the next attempt I was ready for!

A few laps in and I managed to capitalise on a rare mistake made by Sam in front of me where he went wide and I flew up the inside. My kart had better pace and I had made the move stick going down into swimming pool. Once I was out in front I just had Quali Lap, Quali Lap, Quali Lap in my head trying to pull a gap and hold the lead. I crossed the line P1 with a 3.1 second lead.

Results on the day had me starting P1 in the A Final. I got an OK start, the kart wasn't brilliant and it was so much more slidey than the others that I had that day. Going down into Turn 1 I made a mistake and didn't cover the inside off enough and the next thing I knew Sam was there and I had lost the lead. Once he was through I think his kart had the edge on mine and the gap started to build which then made it impossible for me to regain the lead. I crossed the line P2 and was so annoyed with myself, it was good points on the day but a silly mistake cost me the win. Lesson learnt.

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