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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 2

It's a brand new season and the 4th for me in the Super League. How are we going to fair this season?

So the first Quali of the season and it was a P6 for me, not the best of starts. The start was utter carnage and I thought it was going to be a restart, but apparently not! After falling back I managed to catch back up to the pack but then ended up going wide and any progress I made was wiped out and then some, in the end coming home P12 - awful start.

I was starting P2 in Heat 2 and it was a standing start which worked better for me as I got a good launch off of the line and went straight into the lead. The kart didn't feel great though and struggled round certain corners so I knew this was going to be a long heat. A move was made to go round the outside of me which I felt I had covered, but I was issued with an ABC on that so I then lost the lead and 4 places. After that it was just a case of going from bad to worse and I ended up finishing P8.

These awful results see me starting out P4 in the C Final. I got a great start in this and the kart felt fast so I was hopeful that I could get the win and get promotion to the B Final, others on track had other ideas though. I was pushed into a barrier and when I didn't disappear in the barrier was swiped again - cheers! By the end of the heat I had lost count of the amount of barriers I had been pushed into with absolutely no comebacks from them and just wanted to see the chequered flag so I could just go home. It was a complete waste of time today and the driving standards were appalling, finishing up the final P6.

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