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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 11

We are back for Round 11 of the Super League at Brentwood and was straight out for the Quali session.

At the start of the session, everyone was really bunched up and I even said we should all spread out but for some reason I didn't drop back so the whole session was spent in traffic or fighting to try and get some space which resulted in my awful quali session of P9 with a hell of a lot of work to do in the Heat.

The opening lap of Heat 1 was just awful and all I did was go backwards. The kart just had absolutely nothing down the straights and I was being taken down the straights and in the end crossed the line in a dismal P10.

Heat 2 was next and the kart that I was given had just come last in the previous heat so I wasn't really holding out much hope! I was starting P8 on the grid and again had a lot of work to do again. The start wasn't the best for me and I lost a few positions as I was on the outside. I carried on trying to push forward and there were a few ABC's on the way for other drivers which helped me out as I moved up the grid and crossed the line in P4.

The B Final was next and I was starting P3 so I just needed a top 2 finish to secure promotion to the A Final. I got off of the line and moved straight into P2. I was being attacked for the entire final but in the end trying to fight off 2 people, it was inevitable that I couldn't defend from the outside and inside at the same time and I lost out on P2. I held P3 for the remainder of the race but that was as good as I could manage on the day.

Again, not the best of results on the day but we still keep pushing forward.

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