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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 10

We are back for Round 10 of the Super League Championship at Brentwood and it was certainly a wet one & by the end of the day a round to well & truly forget.

We headed out for a very wet Quali and a few times I dropped back in position to try to get myself a bit more space on a very wet track. I wasn't really holding out much hope for a positive result as I didn't feel that I particularly hooked up a good lap, but much to my surprise I actually got it on pole so god knows what everyone else was doing out there as I thought I had done an awful job.

To add to the tension of the day on the rolling start the timings all went down, so we had to keep going round and round in formation until the issue was resolved. To start off with I couldn't work out why we wasn't getting underway as I thought my pace at the front was fine, but it was a timing issue.

When we finally got underway it was carnage and I ended up in a barrier, brilliant! We have been told that if there is a race ending incident in the first lap then there would be a restart, but not today, apparently going from pole to last in the 3 corners doesn't count! I ended up finishing P9 & was fuming.

Heat 2 I wasn't holding out much hope for either to be honest as I was starting last on the grid. The opening few laps were carnage really and I went nowhere. In the end it was just a case of sitting there and watching more carnage happen in front of me and then capitalising when they got given ABC's, in the end crossing the line P8.

I was starting P9 at the very back of the grid as not only did I have a shocker of a round but to add insult to injury I was also facing an 8 place grid penalty for my win the previous round.

I got a pretty decent start to the final, however I was held on the outside of the track so in the end the safest thing to do was back out and try to get round the corner safely as opposed to taking anyone out in the process (something others should have done throughout the day!).

There was quickly more karts spinning at the next corner and I avoided this and gained 2 positions and again later in the final the same happened again with an ABC issued so I was slowly heading up the order. As we was coming to closing laps I was starting to be attacked from behind and on the final lap was pushed off track onto the grass which resulted in me losing control of the kart and in a barrier, going sideways across the line...... all of that for P3 IN A C FINAL, it really wasn't worth getting up for today at all.

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