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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 8

We are back to Brentwood for round 8 of the Super League and hoping for a positive round.

This week was a F1 Quali session and I normally do well in these so was hopeful for a positive start. I made it out of the Q1 session and into Q2 but I got held up for too long behind Troy and that just stuffed me up really so I was eliminated in Q2 which I was annoyed at as the kart had the pace to get further up the grid. But I was lucky that I managed to get P4, so it wasn't all bad.

The start of the race was carnage and I did drop down the order, so was trying the best that I could to recover positions as best as I could. I ended up with an ABC, but while giving back places there was a whole crazy train going through so I ended up finishing P9 & fuming.

Heat 2 was up next and I was starting well down the pack & it was a rolling start for the second time of the day and I was on the outside again, not the best place to start. It was a terrible start and I was hit into a barrier and absolute last, however this was restarted thank god.

The 2nd restart didn't really go much better for me other than the fact that I never went into a barrier, that was until the 3rd corner! They did get an ABC for the move. The kart was so slidey going round corners, it was pretty difficult to control. For the 2nd time of the day I was then hit with an ABC which I thought was questionable but again in giving back the place the whole train of people ploughed through and I was starting to think it was going to be one of them days. Finishing up P8, I was just ready to get out of the kart by that point.

Due to the horrific results of the day I was starting at the absolute back of the pack in the C Final.

The kart just went nowhere off of the start line in the C Final and I was already a bit of a way back. Once the kart got up to speed it wasn't too bad and I started making my way through the pack. I soon found myself in the lead of the race and was just hoping to stay there but others had other ideas! There was an ABC given in my favour but by this time the lead had gone off into the distance and I had to settle for P3 - awful round and one to forget! Let's hope for better results next week.

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