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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 7

We are back for Round 7 of the Championship and it was the B Track again.

I drew kart 13 for the Quali session and managed to get to P3 which I was pleased about. The circuit was reversed and was a rolling start. I moved up into P2 off of the start but I went wide and lost the position again. I tried to get the position back but the kart just kept cutting out so in the end the front runners pulled a gap and I just had to try to fend off the attack from behind which I managed just about and secured P3, right where I started.

Heat 2 I was starting P10 so there was already a lot to do and again I drew kart 13. But again this kart kept cutting out again and it was so hard to try and make any progress in the race that the best that I could manage was P9.

With the results of the day, this had me starting out P1 in the B Final, so all I needed was to make sure that I held the lead or finished in the top 2 to be promoted up to the A Final. Thankfully I didn't pull kart 13 again and was given kart 1.

The B Final was pretty uneventful for me as I got a really good start and there was no challenges for the lead as there was lots of changes of positions going on behind me and battles. This allowed me to pull a very comfortable lead of 11.3 seconds and promotion straight into the A Final.

I was starting P9 in the A Final and drew Kart 7. The start of the final was absolute chaos and I went to the back of the pack and I couldn't believe that the race wasn't restarted, but it is what it is and we just had to try our best to fight back again. The kart didn't have the best straight-line speed and things were not helped when I completely missed my braking point and lost another place! The battery on my Cambox wasn't fully charged so unfortunately I didn't get the end of the race but there wasn't much else to see as I finished P9, right where I started!

Never mind, strong points were secured this week to go towards the Championship and there is always Round 8 next week.

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