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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 6

So I have an apology to make already on this Round! I had been racing all week in Slovakia at the Sodi World Finals and landed back into the UK at 8am this morning so had been up from 3am to make our flight back to the UK & forgot to charge the Cambox fully, so I only got the Quali session & Heat 1, which was AWFUL!

As I said we had been up from really early this morning travelling back and I was in 2 minds whether I even wanted to race or not as I was shattered but thought I may as well go. It was C Track this week so another new layout and I was not a fan of it! It was pretty difficult to make up positions and the karts that I had were awful.

In Quali I found Kart 10 so hard to get it to turn that before the end of the Quali I pitted & changed to Kart 12 but it left me last in the pack. Heat 1 I started at the back of the pack but this kart was just as bad, it turned easier but just had no pace at all. At one point I ended up in a barrier and the kart just died, so I had to wait to be rescued and finished last. Going into the pits the kart just cut out again, it was just awful and a definite Heat to forget and move on from.

Next up was Heat 2 and I was starting last again, so this was going to be a tough Heat again. I got a great start and there was some contact towards the front which I managed to avoid and make up some positions but it was really difficult to make much progress with this track layout and everyone was saying the same thing. In the end I finished up P5 so that was a great recovery really.

Due to the results and the fact that I had a grid penalty from last weeks P3, I was starting P2 in the C Final. This was again a difficult final and I ended up dropping to 3rd on the final lap. So overall it was a day to forget but the only positive was that I got to collect my P3 trophy from last week so at least I left with a trophy! Let's push on for next week.

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