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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 5

So I'm back from my Weekend Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award expedition & was in for a treat this week...... a new track layout!!

The opening few laps of quali were interesting where no one really knew the correct lines to go and it was a bit like a bag of marbles had been released all over the place so you really did have to have eyes everywhere going into corners but was pleased to make pole for Heat 1 - a strong start!

The rolling start was a little different to other weeks as we didn't go from the start/finish line, it was from the exit of turn 1. The first attempt didn't get underway and I wasn't sure really how to take the start as it seemed a bit of an unusual place to go from, but somehow on the 2nd attempt we got underway and I got away well. I held the lead for the majority of the race but a silly mistake made it possible for Ryan to take the lead and for me to cross the line P2, annoying but these things will happen while everyone gets used to the new layout, but was happy with a strong heat finish.

I would say that Heat 2 went better after getting some practice of the track from Heat 1 but it was decided that the track was going to be reversed & I really had no idea how to tackle it, coupled with the fact that the kart I had was really struggling for pace made it impossible & I finished a lousy P8 out of 9. One to forget!

Next up was the A Final and due to the fact that I secured P2 in the first heat was my only saving grace this week so I was starting out P8 in the A Final, so there would be plenty of work to do. As we got off of the line it was actually an advantage to start nearer the back as there was so many wide going into corners that they run out of track and was being pushed all over the place with a clear path for me to slip through on the inside and I was definitely one of the winners from others misfortune at the start.

The kart that I had had great pace and by the end of the opening lap I was sitting in 4th, right on the tail of Ben. I felt that the kart had the advantage over Ben and made a dive to the inside which paid off & I was into 3rd.

Nathan's kart who was in front of me was absolutely shocking with straight line speed and I just breezed past on the straight going into turn 1, he tried to fight back but my kart just had better speed and was up into 2nd. I had no chance of catching Ryan as his kart had rocket fuel in it & he was just off! I held P2 for a while, until Beau sneaked up behind me & I tried my best to keep him at bay but in the end lost the position and had to settle for P3, all things considering how heat 2 had gone, my starting position in the A Final and the final result I was leaving a happy lad today!

Next week we collect a trophy but we will face a grid penalty.

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