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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 3

Round 3 of the league was underway at Brentwood Karting today. We had another variation on Quali this week & again I really liked it! Basically, everyone went out on track together started their quali sessions and the slowest 2 at the end of the quali was eliminated and the clock was reset to go again again until the grid was decided. I did well in this and managed to get P3 which I was happy with as I would rather be starting on the inside as opposed to the outside.

In Heat 1 we was going to reverse the track and I was hoping for a good start. I managed to get myself up into P2 off of the line but George's kart that was behind me had much better pace and then I went a tad offline and he got past. In the end I was glad to have kept my P3 position.

Heat 2 was up next and I was starting P8 near the back of the grid. Off of the line I went absolutely nowhere and made zero progression on the opening lap, but the remainder of the race was just chaos & carnage where the heat was more bumper cars & everyone just driving into each other, it was a joke which ended up with me finishing last. Not good.

We was starting P5 in the B Final, so needed to try the best I could to salvage something from the weekend. I had a good start making my way up into P3. Not really sure how I ended up with an ABC or what I did wrong but either way an ABC came my way, so any progress I had made went straight out of the window and down the order I went. This was then made worse by me getting pushed out wide onto the grass with even more people ploughing through and finishing up P8, so a definite round to forget that one but we live to fight another day.

I won't be racing next weekend as I am taking part in the expedition to complete my Silver Award for my Duke of Edinburgh award, something that I have been working on behind he scenes for a little while, I only wish that my kayak had some horsepower to get me through the trip! I will be back Round 5.

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