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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 2

We are back to Brentwood Karting today for Round 2 of the season and this week I was a team member down as my mum was away for the weekend so in her place was my Grandad, thanks Grandad! Things had already gone a little bit wrong when I forgot to charge the camera so was hoping that it lasted for the duration of the session!

We headed out for our F1 Quali session and I made it through to the final quali session where it was a 3 man shoot out and I qualified 3rd which I was really pleased about as I would have liked either pole or 3rd because I didn't want to be on the outside.

I got a good start in the heat, got myself into 2nd but dropped back down to 3rd as the kart was just awful in reverse and as soon as they got past the top 2 were just off into the distance and I was being attacked from all angles behind so had to work my hardest to keep the whole pack behind me so was really pleased to finally see that chequered flag and claim a well deserved P3.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting P7 and again had the inside. This heat was spent going up and down the order in equal measure but in the end had to settle for P5 after losing P4 on the final lap annoyingly.

I was starting P4 in the B Final, so needed to get myself up into the top 2 to progress up to the A Final. I held position on the opening lap but the kart that I was in was so much faster than P3 and could see the front runners heading off into the distance so I had to get past as soon as possible if I had any chance of getting into the A Final, once I was passed the kart just come alive and the pace was brilliant. The camera died during the battle that I was having with P2 but I managed to secure P2 and was promoted up to the A Final.

Next up was the A Final and it was a Le Mans start. I felt I had a massive disadvantage here, I couldn't even see the start flag as I was so little and at the back of the grid, these lads have much longer legs than me - ha ha. Either way was a pretty uneventful, rubbish final for me. The kart didn't have much pace & pretty much stayed where I started the whole way round other than 1 retirement, so I finished up P9.

I did collect my 3rd Place trophy from the previous weeks podium, so that was all good! Onwards to the next round.

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