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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 11

So we are back for my final round of the season as I am heading off on holiday tomorrow, so can I head out on a high? Let's see!

So the Quali was again the F1 style format and I was pleased to make it through to Q2 but the Q2 session was literally 2 laps so I was eliminated and qualified P4. I was starting on the outside again on a rolling start. I dropped down the order from the start only by 1 place but needed to stay attached to the pack.

During this heat I made so many silly mistakes, getting myself caught out on the outside of the track and I was just falling back all the time with nothing that I could do to recover and in the end finished P8 - awful. The really annoying part was the kart that I picked for Bobby went on to win the race!

Next up was Heat 2 and I was starting P9 on the inside for a change! The start was carnage and I was going up and down the order again. I made some good moves through this and ended up finishing P5. Again I picked Bobby's kart and he finished 2nd in the heat, why can't I have that luck?!?!

The B Final had me starting P4 and the start was very confusing, there was a jump start so it was aborted and we went again. The restart for me went even worse than the jump start as the kart went nowhere off of the start so I dropped 2 places straight away. Again it was race where I was going up and down the order but in the end I finished right where I started in P4 where some days this just feels like a win! That's the end of the season for me, so lets hope for more positive rounds next season.

UPDATE: So I finally ended up finishing the season P8, so 1 place lower than last season but I have retained my seeded status which I'm pleased with considering I dropped a few rounds for taking part in my Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Let's hope that we can improve again for Season 4.

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