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Brentwood Super League - Season 3 - Round 1

So here we are, Round 1 of the brand new season, let’s see what this season has install for us! Seeded at 7 for this one, we need to put in some solid performances as I will be dropping a few rounds this season due to finishing off my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and our summer holidays, so every point will count if we want to keep this seeded status.

We headed out for Quali and this round was a F1 style quali and was running in 4th for majority of the session, until the last lap when I dropped to 7th. Luckily enough this enabled me to have another run at it again in Quali 2 but it still wasn’t good enough to make it to Q3 and was starting P7 - shocker! The only positive was that I was on the inside and not the outside.

I managed to get myself up the inside of P5 and battled my way through and at the end of the opening lap I was P4, great start and I was quicker than P3 in front of me. Once I was through it was a case of just trying to catch up with the front runners.

After a few laps I was in the mix for the win and with the top 2 battling I just backed off a little to see what would happen in the front, the last thing that I wanted to happen was to get issue with an ABC or ruin the positive start that we had by ending up in a barrier. Then going down into Paddock corner Beau made a move for the lead that see them both go out wide and I slipped through on the inside to take the lead in the dying laps of the race. I knew that Beau behind me had a quick kart, so this was just a case of keeping my head and getting to that line which I did to take my first heat win of the season in the opening round.

Heat 2 was next and again was starting P7. The start was pretty chaotic but I managed to survive and found myself running in P5 which was again another positive start. In making a move to go into 4th I was pushed wide and that was when the whole crazy train just ploughed past and was in P11 - awful.

The positives here was that the kart had great pace so I was able to make up places moving through the pack but was in equal measures going up and down but ended up crossing the line P9, so was a bit of a recovery but not great. We had the previous heat result to fall back on though and was hopeful for a A Final start.

I just managed to scrape into the A Final and was starting P8 which was always going to be a difficult as I was on the outside and it was a reverse circuit. The start was mental, ahead I could see karts going into each other and the next thing I see was Trent infront of me with a barrier coming to life and turning into a snake, luckily enough it missed majority of my kart and just clipped the front as it come back down and someone behind me gave me a pretty decent whack which seemed to keep the momentum going (thanks whoever that was!). This left me on the inside with some gaps appearing so I just slid straight in there & come out the other side in P4.

The kart that I had just felt amazing. It had pace and I could actually turn it as I seem to be getting karts which I’m struggling to turn at the moment. Once we had pulled a sufficient gap, it was just a case of if a gap opened up I was taking it as I felt my kart was much quicker than Trent’s ahead. I had 4 minutes to catch P2, P1 was off into the distance so had no chance of that one, but Alex was definitely in my sights. I was within striking distance but the Chequered Flag was out and that was it, race over, P3 but what a way to start the season with a podium and heat win….. great points for the Championship.

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