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Brentwood Super League - Season 2 - Round 8

So we are back again for Round 8 of the Brentwood Super League and what delights could we expect from this round? Well, it was certainly a gloves off kind of round......

We started off on one of my favourites, a Formula 1 style Quali! I seem to perform well when we do this style of Quali, I have no idea why but I really enjoy it. The latch on the side pod of the kart kept coming open on the first few laps which wasn't ideal, but once I managed to slam it down, it stayed there and I could then crack on.

I made it through to Quali 2 and was running in 3rd, so out we went again to battle it out. I was really happy with the pace of the kart and it felt good. I made it through to Q3 and come out P2 so I had gained some time. I flew straight out of the pits and stormed for the line to make sure that I had a clear track in front of me and was far enough ahead that I wasn't giving anyone behind me a tow and I secured the pole position.

We started on a reverse track with a rolling start and I was completely loaded into the first corner and lost out on position, an ABC was awarded in my favour but again this doesn't help out your race as you have already lost the positions.

I went for a move to regain 2nd and was left with nowhere to go as I was squeezed onto the grass but I was hit with an ABC for that as I gained an advantage by going on the grass (personally would not have chosen that route but had nowhere else to go), so I had to drop back down the order to about 8th I think it was to give the position back, disaster.

As the next few laps unfolded, opportunities started to present themselves and I just had to capitalise on them where I could, keeping as close to the kart in front of me as possible so that the ones on the outside couldn't get back into the pack and the only place they could go was behind me.

It was a decent recovery all things considering, finishing up 4th but considering how much contact there was from all round I felt lucky just to be in 1 piece & facing the right direction.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting P5. The kart was just awful, it didn't get off of the line well and I ended up getting put on the grass straight away and it just lacked overall pace, this was going to be a long race. Overall, it was just another real scrappy race with contact all over the place and was just trying my best to make up positions wherever possible. I had some good battles, made some greats moves but then on the last lap just got swamped and lost out on all of the progress I had made finishing up P6.

I started off pole in the B Final, so just needed to stay there, that sounds an easy task right? Just hold the position......

Well to make a change, that was exactly what happened! I was getting pressure from behind, but I think with the knowledge that the top 2 get to progress to the A Final he was more than happy just to work with me so that we both went through & that was exactly what happened.

It was another Reverse Track and Rolling Start. I don't know what was up with everyone today, but it was like I had some sort of hit me sticker on my back that I didn't know about as I was getting battered all over the place. In the end it was a disappointing end to the Round where contact was just what happened all day and while your getting hit around, the leaders are just off into the distance and there was nothing that you could do about it, finishing up the day P9 in the A Final, right where I started.

Let's hope for better next round.

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