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Brentwood Super League - Season 2 - Round 4

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

We are back for Round 4 of the Supers at Brentwood & to make a change the sun is shining!! Let's hope for positive results too.

First up as always, Quali. This was once again a Formula 1 style where you have to go out & fight your way to make it into Quali 2 & Quali 3. I really like this style, it mixes it up a bit & was hoping for a strong result.

The kart that I had was slow on the straight but was strong in the corners so it didn't feel too bad to me. I made it into Q3 which I was pleased with and mum was signalling that I was 4th, so I knew that I needed more to get into Q3. I managed to climb my way to 3rd but on the final lap was done by other drivers who went faster so that was my Quali session over and was starting P6 on the grid.

I was a bit concerned about getting swamped being on the outside of the grid but as we went off there was a nice gap for me to slot into behind Liam, so I held back a little & slotted in nicely, this enabled me to hold my P6 position.

This ended up turning into one of them heats where there was like 4 different races on the track, P1 was off into a distance on their own, then there was another battle for 2nd & 3rd, then another gap with another group & then there was me holding up the remainder of the pack.

The kart that I had just didn't have enough in it to catch the pack ahead of me but had just enough that I could keep others behind me, I think this was due to the lack of straight line speed but was awesome in corners. I had to defend with everything that I had, being attacked from all angles but I did manage to hold on & finish P6, right where I started but this was a result considering the length that I had to hold up an attacking pack.

Next up was Heat 2 and again was starting P6 with a reverse track. I got a good start and made my way into 4th. I got hit from behind going into the Start/Finish and of course nothing was given and I dropped back to P7. I kept battling on as hard as I could and was going up and down the order in equal measures but there was so much contact in this heat it was ridiculous. In going for a move to 4th on the final lap I got pushed wide & lost 3 positions, it was a race to the finish & I finished 7th.

Next up was the B Final & I was starting out P6 (seems a bit of a theme of the day!). I was on the outside which never really fills me with confidence & got a decent start for the race to be restarted (of course it is!), naturally the 2nd start didn't get as well.

This B Final was full of late lunges, contact & general craziness and I finished P7. I don't know whether I should be proud of that or not, cos I felt that this was probably one of my stronger rounds as in I was fighting back, holding packs up but an overall finish of P7 didn't feel like a worthy finish considering all of the hard work (and trust me it was a hard slog) to get. Still we live to battle on for Round 5 next week.

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