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Brentwood Super League - Season 2 - Round 3

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

So we are back to Brentwood for Round 3 of the Championship and not only am I a team member down this week (my mum is away), I also forgot the Cambox, so apologies no footage! Big thanks to my Grandad though so cancelling his fishing tournament to bring me to karting instead, your the best Grandad.

Quali was up first and I just struggled to switch the kart on again in this one, it just didn't want to turn into the corners and was generally hard work to drive. The best I could qualify was P8 and was a whole 1.4 away from pole - awful. I now had my work cut out for me in the heat, but it was a case of head down & lets push on as best as I could but I wasn't holding out hope in this kart.

The heat I didn't really fair any better, as usual I got a great start and made up initial places but as soon as everyone else got up to speed, they just overtook without many problems and was even getting overtaken round the outside on the straights, I just had nothing to fight with and ended up finishing P9.

Heat 2 was slightly better, but again nothing to really set the world alight! I was starting out P9 on the grid, made some good overtakes throughout the race but as it goes with Supers as quickly as you move forward, you also go back just as fast! So this heat was definitely a case of one step up, then 2 positions lost so it was a real hard slog all the way through really but I did manage to move up to finish P6.

I was starting out P7 in the B Final, not a bad starting position considering the race results of the day and still some OK points were possible and up for grabs. I did manage to hold the position from the start and was settling into the race well and making good ground and at the later stages of the race was in P4 until the penultimate lap when contact was make from behind and was sent straight into the barrier which see me plummet to the back of the grid. What a waste of a day again.

I can honestly say at the moment I just can't catch a break in this league, I feel that as soon as I get myself into any kind of good position I'm hit either with a penalty or I'm in a barrier. I need to have a bit of a rethink as to how I'm approaching this as I'm clearly doing something wrong, but what that is I have no clue!

We will be back next week at full team strength & with my Cambox!

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