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Brentwood Super League - Season 2 - Round 10

So we are back for Round 10 of the Super League this week and I was always going to be in for a tough round due to my win last week as I will receive a Grid Penalty for winning.

My quali session was OK & I was running in 3rd for majority of the session, that was until the last lap where everyone improved and I dropped down to P6 - shocking.

As soon as I stopped the kart waiting to be instructed to head to the grid the kart cut out, so I knew that it wasn't going to be the best performing one but had to work with what we had. I got a pretty decent start & made up some initial places. It was then a case of trying to work with Charlie to catch up the front runners. Charlie made a move for position but ended up out wider than he would have hoped so I slipped through to climb another place but my kart was just so slow on the straights it made it a real struggle and within the next 2 laps I had given back the position. A very late lunge on the final lap see me claim another spot but the best we could manage was P5.

Heat 2 was next & I was starting P5. It was a reverse circuit and a rolling start which was actually handy as the kart just didn't want to get off the line. The start was pretty decent for me and by the end of the 1st lap I was running in 4th. The kart was pretty awful and any gap that I started building was demolished as soon as I hit the straights. To make my day even worse I was taken out at Bubba's and dropped down massively behind the whole pack. An ABC was issued in my favour but by this time it really didn't matter much as I was so far back that it really was irrelevant and both of our races were over, finishing up P6.

Due to the poor results on the day and the grid penalty that was handed to me I was starting plum last in the B Final & the only consolation was that I couldn't go back any further on the day, so upwards was the task.

I was starting out P8 in the B Final, let's see if we could pull something out of the bag on this one. Again it was a Reverse Circuit, rolling start and a gap appeared on the inside so I dove into that ASAP before it disappeared as you don't want to be hung out to dry on the outside. By the end of the opening lap I was running in 3rd which was brilliant, the only issue was the kart again really didn't have the pace and before I knew it George had taken 3rd place from me. Now was all about damage limitation and seeing what defensive skills I had as it was still going to be a really long final. I was hit quite a bit from behind on multiple occasions, whether this was just because my kart was so awful on pace I don't know but I did manage to hold up the crazy train behind me to claim P4, so all things considering it was a tough day for not much reward but I salvaged as much as I possibly could.

The added bonus was I actually got to claim my 1st Place trophy from last week & the sunshine was out, so for these things I was grateful! Next week I won't be racing as I am going to finally be completing my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and will be kayaking around Chelmsford and camping out overnight.... wish me luck!

Claiming My Win From Round 9

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