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Brentwood Super League - Season 2 - Round 1

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Here we are for a brand new season and one that I am hoping will go much better than my first in the Supers.

The first kart that I was in I wasn't happy with, so I switched it out after a few laps. When I got into the second one it felt just as bad. I did manage to improve on the lap time from the first kart, but not by an awful lot and was still well down the grid in P8.

After an absolute brutal rolling start with contact from all sides, I fell down the order and it was a complete battle at every corner. I kept battling throughout the race and started making some improvements but on the penultimate lap was pushed wide straight through the tyre barrier which come up and hit my hand which was so painful and I fell right to the back of the grid again. An ABC was given in my favour so I finished P12, not the best start to the new season.

Next up was Heat 2 & I was starting 2nd on the grid. I got a slow get away but managed to hold on P2. I soon caught up to the leader and took the lead of the race but I knew that I had faster people coming up behind me so tried my best to get a gap. This soon disappeared though and I dropped down to 3rd but kept battling up and managed to take P2, this was my saving grace this weekend following the disastrous first heat.

Because of the P2 in the 2nd heat I managed to start P2 for the B Final. All I needed to do was finish in the Top 2 to secure my place in the A Final. I was starting on the outside and lost the position off of the line but soon managed to get this back. I just had to push on to pull another gap and to try and catch Sam who was in P1.

I don't know what was happening behind me but I see that there was repeated ABC board being shown, so assumed that this position was not being given back. The next thing I knew was Mikey had gone into the pits so I had a good gap to P3 and a bit of breathing space. I finished P2 and was promoted into the A Final.

So the final race of the day was the A Final and I was starting P10, so the good thing with starting there is there is only one way to go! I made up some good positions on the first lap and was making good progress. A late lunge on someone else put me out of position and I ended up going down the order again, then going into Paddock I was spun out which pretty much put an end to the race as it took me so long to recover back to the pack that the race was then over and I finished last.

Disappointing as the kart had potential but we fight on again into Round 2.

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