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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - Round 12

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Here we are, all back to Brentwood & raring to go for the final round of my first season in the Supers after my 2 round holiday.

I was still continuing to struggle with the Quali in the Supers and this week was no different with me Qualifying in 7th, I just can't seem to switch on the senior karts like I did the cadets. So again, was in for a hard task from the go.

Heat 1 got underway and it was a bit of a bumpy opening lap but I managed to survive the first few corners and then it was game on to chase down the leading pack. Kart 6 was extremely bumpy going round corners & I felt that this was where I was weakest but the straight line speed helped me keep in touch with the front runners.

I managed to work my way up to P4 and what I felt was a valid move but this was seen differently by Race Control and I was handed a penalty. This is just where the race fell apart for me, as it was not made clear as to how many places I was being penalised. I had to slow down so much to give the position back and then just lost all momentum and ended up finishing P8 and was really disappointed.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting P3 on the grid. I got a great start and made my way into P2 off of the line. Everything was going really well until I was pushed wide from the track and dropped down to P8, this should have been an ABC in my opinion but was not given, so again I had to start making up positions. It took so long for me to recover the positions that the best I could manage was P6, another disappointing result of the day.

Next up was the C Final (again, still haven't broken the habit!). I was starting P3 on the grid, so all was not lost. I got a decent launch from the line and made my way up into P2. I was chasing down Troy and then an ABC was given in my favour after I was pushed wide and lost positions. I made my way back up to Troy and managed to take the lead of the race. On the final lap of the race I lost the lead to finish P2 and head home early for the final round.

Let's hope for better luck next week in the AllStar Cup Final.

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