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Brentwood Super League - Season 1 - AllStar Cup Final

So here we are again at the end of season "fun round" which everyone ends up taking VERY seriously and one that my mum begs me not to do every season!

So this Season I was in Group A and first out on the grid. I'm never a fan of being first out because you have zero clue on track conditions because no one has been out there and set any times and the karts are stone cold so you never get the best out of them till pretty much the race is over.

So we headed out onto track and I felt pretty happy with the kart and put the kart on pole, great start to the day, until I realised that Quali wasn't a thing this week and they had already decided the grid and I was starting P6, brilliant! I also had Bobby in front of me who's kart was a touch slower than mine so it wouldn't be an easy pass.

Anyway, after a false start the race was underway, it was a bit of a bumpy straight heading down to swimming pool but I kept myself out of trouble and as we was going round into Post 4 Bobby got tagged from behind and spun so I had to take avoiding action running a bit wide but managed to survive. It was now just a case of getting my head down and pushing on, ticking up consistent fast laps. I was soon onto the back of P2 and made the move stick, I had a small gap to make up until I had pole in sight, I finally got the move done and then was a race to the chequered flag and claimed the win by 4.994 seconds, it felt soooooo good to be back on top again after the deflating season I had just had.

Heat 2 was next and I was starting P4 on the grid, on the outside. After another false start we was underway but I was stuck on the outside, luckily enough for me the cadets are much less aggressive than Supers and I didn't end up eating a barrier and I finished Heat with my 2nd win of the day, something that hasn't happened to me since my Cadet days!

Next up was the A Final and I was starting Pole, could this FINALLY be the season that I crack the AllStar Cup Final, after so many almosts and Top Cadet places?

So we headed out and I had to do 3 false starts because of chaos happening behind, I had no idea what the chaos was but the restarts were doing me no favours at all. I think the best start I got was the 1st one as I had pulled a decent gap, but with every restart that gap just got smaller and smaller.

As I've been saying all season, the Super League is brutal, you make 1 small error and you have had it and you guessed it, I was a fraction wide coming out of paddock and Sam took me on the inside and once he was passed there was nothing that I could do as the kart just couldn't match the pace of his and he was off, which left me battling away to hold desperately onto P2 and get my best result of the Season and a P2 in my first AllStar outing in a senior kart, but then you guessed it......

FINAL LAP TAKE OUT and boom, down to P7 and off the podium, I just couldn't believe it. Absolutely no consolation at all but I was awarded the penalty & felt it just summed up the season, gutted.

Next week is the start of the brand new Super League season, lets hope for better things.

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