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Brentwood Super League - Season 4 - Round 9

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

We are back for Round 9 of the Super League Championship at Brentwood Karting.

So last week I discovered that I was actually racing 7kgs OVERWEIGHT!!! So this week I went on a drastic diet (well, my weighted seat did anyway & overnight I dropped 6kgs to ensure that I still made the weight of 70kgs for the Super League).

As usual we headed out for our Quali session and the kart felt absolutely rapid, whether this was actually the kart or the fact that I was actually 6kgs lighter is up to you to decide. The seat was moving around quite a bit in the kart where we had to remove a load of the lead to drop the weight & was hoping that this would settle down the more I raced and the more the lead moulded back into the seat shape.

I qualified P2 but was on the outside again so I could lose out on the start if I wasn't careful, so it was a case of keeping out head down and trying to hold on and survive the first few corners. I slotted in really well out of turn 1 and was happy with it. Me and Beau was pretty much trading identical times through the Heat and where he had the edge in Sector 1, I got the jump on him in Sector 2 which kind of had us at a stalemate and I had to settle for P2, but I was happy with that & a great start to the day.

Heat 2 was up next and I thought I would be starting near the back of the grid but because I had slipped out of the Top 10 in the overall championship, the grid is formed in reverse championship order, so if you are in the Top 10, you start at the back in championship order, the higher you sit, the further down the grid you start but as I was sitting P11, you guessed I was starting pole!!

I got a really good launch off of the start but it was going to be a long race as everyone was all over the back of me. I think at one point they must have had to switch from attack to defence as I started to pull a gap and managed to cross the line to take the win with a 3.2 second gap. A 2-1 finish on the day was well needed after a few disastrous rounds and just hoped that we could keep the momentum going into the A Final.

This has me started POLE in the A Final with a very quick Beau Sulls next to me on the grid. We had a rolling start and I got a decent start and held Beau on the outside and just tried to hold him wide and get out of there as quick as possible. To be fair Beau's kart couldn't match my pace and because of this he had to race the defensive race of his life and he held the whole train of people up behind him which allowed me to get the hell out of there and I crossed the line with an impressive 13.8 second lead and a well needed win.

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