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Brentwood Super League - Season 2 - Round 12

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

So we are back for the final round of season 2, I can't believe how quickly this whole season has gone, there has still been ups and downs throughout, but more ups than last season for sure and have felt that I have really started to settle into the league better than my first season.

We started off with a 40 minute delay to this round as the fuel wouldn't go into the karts for some reason as the value got stuck or something due to the weather, extremely puzzling as it wasn't hot and wasn't cold either, but either way it was stuck! It was decided that we would go ahead with the first heats and see if the fuel would start working again in between, but if it didn't we was heading out in Cadet Karts (imagine me doing a happy dance right now). So what happened?

Quali was up first and the kart really sucked on the straight, the speed was just not there and I had a bit of a sinking feeling that this was not going to go well, coupled with the fact that no extra karts were being given out due to the low fuel issues, we would just have to make do with what we was given today. So in the end the best that I could manage was P5, although I thought my mum signalled P4 to me, but was happier with P5 as that meant I had an inside start. So it wasn’t horrific but not brilliant either and was definitely a case of putting our head down and pushing on as best as we could.

I got a decent start and being on the inside was a definite benefit to me and was into 3rd by the end of the 1st lap. The straight line speed was just horrendous, I wasn’t sure if it was the fuel running out or just lack of pace so I was constantly under attack on every straight. I made a real late lunge going down into Paddock and it paid off and moved up into 2nd. P3 was literally pushing me down the entire straights and was starting to worry it would cut out. Going all through Paddock I was being hit from behind and ended up going into P1 in front and was getting hands waved at me but I just couldn’t do anything about it. I got the inside going down towards swimming pool and took the lead of the race and just needed to get out of there and crossed that chequered flag to claim the win, P5 to P1 - great start to the weekend.

As I pulled into the pit lane, there they was, THE CADET KARTS (imagine more dancing). This was going to be brilliant. Group A had to go out in the cadet karts and it was brilliant to watch some of them driving them, they actually did much better than I thought they would but my driver of the day award went to Marcel 100%, his massive & watching him try to duck down on the straight his knees weren’t far off of his ears it was brilliant! Much to my disappointment though the fuel bay started working and the senior karts were refuelled and we had to resume in the senior karts……. Booooooooooooooooooo.

Heat 2 was up next, I was starting P5 and I drew kart 14 again so let’s see what happened with it when it was fully loaded with fuel. We headed off for a standing start, the start was OK once the kart got up to speed, off the line it was atrocious but I managed to get myself up into P2, so naturally the race was flagged and it was restarted…… annoying!

Attempt 2 was flagged again, can only assume that someone further back had an issue because everything looked fine from my viewpoint but off we went again for restart number 3. I think the issue was with P2 as Tom was holding the kart off of the start and was given a push but this still didn’t help them as they was on the outside still.

A mistake from 2 karts in front allowed myself and Alex to get the inside line and I was then up into 3rd at the end of opening lap. I kept my eye off the ball with the chasing pack and ended up losing a position but within the next 2 corners had reclaimed it and needed to get off into the distance. I made a move to take P2, to me it looked fine, the door was left open and I was over halfway up P2 but was hit with an ABC so I had to give position back and finished P3.

These results then gave me a pole start in the A Final. Everything was all going well, I felt that I was hit wide going into Bubba’s as contact was made which pushed me off line and then the whole crazy train piled through, dropping me down to P7 - brilliant! This was now going to be an uphill struggle from this point. Still, let’s keep pushing and see what we could salvage. A move ahead of me then allowed me to gain another position, so was now in P6, this wasn’t over. The kart was really bad with turning and a lot of corners I was full lock to try and get the thing to turn but just had to keep going as best as possible. Ethan then got hit ahead of me and was spun round with an ABC for the culprit so that was another place that I inherited, P5. If I could stay there that would be a solid result from where I was a definite damage limitation. This is when the crazy train started to form behind me, “All Aboard The Stedman Express” but I managed to fend off any further attacks to claim P5 on the day.

Sometimes its a hard pill to swallow when you start at the front but in all honesty even without that contact there is no way I would have been able to hold that pack behind me with the kart I had, it wasn’t the best on pace and it had some pretty serious left turning issues & turning is pretty essential, but you just have to make the best out of what you are given and in all honesty I’m really happy with my performances this season, I’ve jumped an incredible 15 places from last seasons finish & I am now number 7 Seed Super League Driver and for that I’m really pleased with.

Next season I will be missing a few rounds as I will be taking part in the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and will also be having a family summer holiday, so what’s the aim for the new season? Some more podiums would be very nice, but even if I could manage to sneak in a Top 10 finish I will be really happy. Let’s keep pushing & see what we can achieve.

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