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Club100 - Round 1 - Bayford Meadows

Updated: May 6, 2022

Today was my first round racing in the Club100 Super-Lightweight Championship at Bayford Meadows, it was the first time to this circuit for me, so lots to learn in a very short amount of time.

When we arrived we was allocated our Driver number for the season, let me introduce (drum roll please) DRIVER 34, JACK STEDMAN!

Club100 was always going to be a big step up for me as this is my first year racing outside of Brentwood and because of my age, being 14 this year I'm too old to race in the Super Cadet category so I'm now classed as a Junior and can be racing against 18 year olds with far more experience than me, so it's a pretty daunting experience.... have you seen the size of some of these kids?!?!

I had a bit of a rocky start if I'm honest as I've never been to this circuit and pretty much settled in mid grid but was pleased with the steady progress I was able to make in each session, progressively become quicker with each heat.

I may not have been the fastest out there but I felt really confident in my overtaking abilites and after getting some tips from my friend Ben who now races with Clark Motorsport in a Championship at Bayford Meadows. I managed to win the B Final with a comfortable lead of over 4 seconds, which then promoted me into the A Final.

When we was standing in the pit lane a bird pooed on the kart and some also landed on my mums sleeve of her coat, this was a sure sign that the kart was going to be lucky for me!

Starting from the back of the Grid I knew that this could be a dangerous spot to be in if there was any incidents off of the line going into the first few corners so had to keep my eyes peeled for sure. Throughout the race I felt really comfortable in the kart, made some great overtakes towards the end of the race and managed to gain 9 places. I was so pleased with the result.

My 1st official round was completed without receiving any warnings or penalties, I had no spin offs or collisions and even got to go home with a small trophy for taking the top spot in the B Final, I was more than made up. Onwards to Round 2 at Buckmore Park next month and a circuit that I'm much more familiar with, so hopeful of some decent results.

Session Results:

Practice - P16/26

Quali - P15/26

Pre-B Final - P7 up to P4/26

B Final - P2 up to P1/30 and Promoted To A Final

A Final - P25 up to P16/26

Overall finishing P16 out of 52 Drivers on track today

Some pictures taken by my Dad & Sister at the track

Pictures Courtesy Of John Vigor @Club100 Racing Limited & John Patterson @JohnnyP5000 on Instagram

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