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Club100 - Whilton Mill - Round 6

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

This weekend was my final round of the Club100 Junior Championship. Unfortunately due to other Championships that I take part in I will not be available for the final 2 rounds which are taking place at Clay Pigeon and Buckmore later in the year.

So how did I get on at Whilton Mill for Round 6? I went into this Round hoping again for a top 10 finish as so far Whilton Mill has been my most successful track to date in the Championship and my absolute favourite.

I was placed in the same group as my good friend Ben Yiangou who I race with at Brentwood Karting, the last time out we was working well together, giving each other tips as we was going along and was hoping for the same, the only problem was Ben was placed at the front of the back and I was at the back, so he was so far up the front by the time I was released from the pits I didn't get a chance to catch him up.

I had a decent first practice session and finished up P8 on the grid out of 25 with the top 10 being separated by just 0.864, it really was close on the time sheets.

Next up was Quali. I got stuck in quite a bit of traffic which made this session tricky as trying to get through packs of people will always slow you down. But in the end the best I could manage was P10.

I made it straight into the A Final which I was really pleased about. Before I didn't really understand how the Qualifying worked, I thought it was based on your times, but was told that it was just the top 10 in Group 1 & the top 10 in Group 2 slotted together. I was a bit disappointed with this because I should have started higher up the grid according to my Quali time but instead was starting P19.

So P19 in the Pre A Final and another shot at getting myself a bit higher up the grid again for the A Final. The start was really hectic but I managed to survive the first few corners but as soon as I was making up positions I went back just as fast! I still kept pushing and in the end made up 6 places to finish P13.

Again the A Final start was a hectic but I survived! In between the Pre A Final and A Final we had a passing rain shower so when we went out for the Final the track was a little greasy in places and it would have been very easy to just lose the kart. I just had to keep going and hope that the rain didn't return like it did in the Super Cadet Final as they were spinning off everywhere. The rain held off thankfully and I finished P10 on the road but I did incur a Track Limits Penalty as I was going wide due to the damp track conditions so I was demoted down to P11.

My aim for the day was a Top 10 finish and without the penalty I would have made it but overall was pleased with the outcome. This has me finishing P17 in the Championship out of 72 competitors and I did miss 1 round so for a Rookie Season I was pretty pleased with this and have really enjoyed my season with Club100.

AlphaTiming Live Stream Footage In The A Final

Many Thanks To @JohnnyP5000 For These Great Pictures Taken At Whilton Mill

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