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Club100 - Round 3 - Whilton Mill

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Today we was back for Round 3 of the Club100 Super Lightweight Championship at another new track for me, Whilton Mill and what a fantastic track it was definitely my favourite track that I have ever raced at.

We went out for Practice first and I was first out, so no pressure! The first few laps I didn't push too hard as I was trying to find the correct lines to take as some of the kerbs were pretty big and didn't want to end up in a barrier.

I was in the same group as my pal Ben Yiangou and this is the first time that we have been in the same group and we was really able to help each other out with tips and places we was both struggling with, it was a really big help to both of us. I managed to finish up P7 with a lap time of 54.361 which I was pleased with but was aiming to get myself into the 53's in the next session.

The Quali session was next and again had some really positives out of the session and was qualified 5th, not only that but I got into the 53's..... a 53.672 and I think I could have gone faster but the end of the session was yellow flagged as someone went off track.

With my Practice Session and Quali Session finishing positions I was starting out P9 in the Pre-A Final. The session was going really well until the final few laps where I just couldn't defend as I had 3 people attacking from all directions so I did slip down 3 positions which was a bit annoying as I could have finished P6, but was happy to settle for P9, however I was demoted to P10 as I hit a cone during the session.

Next up was the A Final and I was just hoping to keep within the top 10, if I could manage that then I would be so happy with how the day had gone. Well the day went even better than I had hoped for and I ended up crossing the line in P8. What an end to the day, I was made up with my first outing at Whilton Mill.

Huge congrats to my pal Ben for his first Club100 Podium, P3.

Onwards to Round 4, another new track, Lydd and I can't wait.

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