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Club100 - Junior Super Lightweight - Round 4 - Lydd Karting Circuit

We were back for Round 4 of the Club100 Championship and this time was in Lydd, another new track for me.

It was a really hot day, the hottest one yet racing this year. I wasn't really too sure what to expect with this track but was looking forward to another new challenge.

When I went out for the Practice, I was in a really tough group where the top 15 were separated by just 1 second and I managed P13 which I wasn't too pleased with really. If I had been in Group 2 my timings would have put me P6, that's how close the timings were.

For the qualifying session I found it really frustrating as there was so many yellow flags it was almost impossible to put together a decent lap as you had to keep abandoning the laps due to another flag and again was P13.

This then put me into the Pre B Final and knew that the top 2 were promoted into the Pre A Final, so I needed to get a really good start and push as hard as possible from my starting position of P4. I had a good start to the race and initially gained a position putting myself into P3, there was some penalties that were issued and I was promoted into P1 and given a pass to the Pre A Final.

In the Pre A Final, I was starting P23 on the grid and this basically gives you another chance to get yourself further up the grid for the A Final. Again I had a positive start to the race and was making steady progress and went from P23 up to P17.

Next up was the A Final and this is where all of my progress from the weekend was completely unravelled. The start of the race was absolute carnage with people spinning out which I managed to avoid and was working my way steadily up the grid. About halfway through the race, 2 people in front of me were racing and we was told in the safety briefing that going through the chicane should be in single file, this didn't happen and 1 of them spun and you guessed it, collected me on the way through, this ended up with me being beached in the bark and I had to wait for help to push the kart back out on the track. By the time this happened I was sitting last on the track and a lap down, I couldn't believe it as I was running P12 at the time. All in all, a really disappointing finish through no fault of my own, finishing P25.

Thanks To @JohnnyP5000 For These Great Shots

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