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Club100 - Pre-Season Test Day

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

It's been another busy weekend with Karting as I was out both days again. This time we was back at Buckmore Park but for Pre-Season Testing with CLUB100!

So it was a real challenge and I don't think that I really made the best of it which I was a little disappointed with, mainly because I knew that I could have done better.

When we arrived at the circuit the first thing John said to me was "right Jack, did we speak about minimum height requirement?" - oh no! For those of you that don't actually know me, I am on the shorter side for a 13 year old, my dad is 6ft 4" so I'm hoping that I won't stay small forever! So we had a bit of a nail biting wait to see if I had made the minimum and I was, just by the skin of my teeth.

I've also been on a weight gaining mission because not only am I short, I weigh next to nothing and need to meet the minimum weight requirement of 41kgs in full gear which I also made by the skin of my teeth. This being said I still had to head over to the pit lane with Andy to speak to some of the crew about borrowing a weighted seat and adding more ballast to the kart. In the end I needed a 20kg seat and more padding to push me forwards in the kart. This is now something that I need to get for the next practice session, sorry mum, more money!

In session 1 to start with my kart wouldn't stay running until I started moving, but felt that it lacked power coming out of corners, had a bit of understeer but was RAPID on a straight. It probably wasn't one of my prettiest of performances but I managed to keep the kart facing the right way, didn't get any warning flags shown to me, did make a few good overtakes and wasn't bottom of the leaderboard, so all in all it wasn't a bad showing for my first outing in a faster kart than I am used to.

I forgot to switch off my Cambox so by the time the 2nd session come round the battery had gone dead, so no footage from that. I did manage to get a faster time in the 2nd session which I was pleased with but still didn't feel that the kart was 100%, as it was only a practice session which was 15 minutes, I didn't really want to waste time coming into the pits, so just persevered with it.

Overall I was happy with the performance, I do think that I can improve when I am back again in February for the next test session.

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