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It's Time For The British Schools Karting Championship

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

After competing in the BIKC last year myself, I heard about the Schools Championship that is taking place this year, and approached my Form Tutor and Deputy Head who are both Motorsport Fans to see if we could enter a team on behalf of my school.

In order to take part in the BSKC we entered a team of 3 students from our school, it just so happens that my other 2 team mates (Oliver Bowen & Troy Hood) race competitively, so we would go into this competition having a bit of an advantage.

Originally we was meant to be racing at TeamSport Basildon, unfortunately the venue was changed to TeamSport Harlow which none of us had ever raced at before. Before the Local Finals take place in March, as a team we had to go to a Practice Session to be assessed for our racing capabilities. This is what took place today.

We all travelled down to Harlow, completed the safety briefing, suited up and went out on track. I went out in the first session, put down a few slower laps to try to find the best lines to take and then went racing! I was pleased to top the time sheet in the first session. In my final I was placed at the back of the grid as I was the fastest in our team, so I had to battle my way through the grid and was pleased to claim the win.

Next up was Oliver. Again he had very positive session and had good pace after the initial few laps exploring the new track. In his final, he was placed on Pole and keep the lead throughout to claim the 2nd win of the day.

The last team member was Troy. After some slower laps to find the lines he pace was soon picked up and his final pace was considerably quicker than his first session. For Troy's final, he started 3rd and quickly made his way up the grid to claim the win.

We had a really successful practice session as a team, topping the time sheets in all 3 sessions and then claiming 3 wins in all of the finals. I really enjoyed Harlow's track, it flowed really well and I felt I had more grip than the Basildon track and am looking forward to the local finals in March at Harlow again.

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