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BSKC 2022 - Regional Champions!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Tonight we was back as a team at TeamSport Edmonton for the Regional Finals of the British Schools Karting Championship representing Thorpe Hall School, in order to qualify for the Nationals which are being held in June at TeamSport Warrington.

A few days after the Local finals, our Team Member Oliver Bowen was racing in his own kart and was involved in an incident which ended up with him in a tyre barrier and a trip to A&E, after a wait it was confirmed that he had broken his wrist. At that point we wasn't even sure if he would be able to take any further part in the competition. Luckily enough, Oliver was a super quick healer and the team was back to full strength.

Before we got there we knew that only the top 2 teams were going to qualify for the National Finals and was hopeful of a strong performance.

The format of the evening was 6 x 8 minute heats with each of us completing 2 heats. The points from all 6 races were awarded based on the individual finishing positions. The team points were all added up at the end of the evening to work out the overall finishing positions of the teams.

I volunteered to go out as the first driver and was the team member that started in the lowest grid position, so both heats I started out P11. In the first heat I finished P2 and in the 2nd Heat I finished P1. With the 2nd heat smashing my previous Personal Best 37 flat to an incredible 35.7.

Oliver was our mid grid player and started P7 in both races. He made his way through and up to P3 in both races, again improving on his Personal Best of a 37.8 to a 37.2.

Troy was our last driver up and was starting from P2. He finished 1st in first heat and 3rd in the second, again improving from a 37.6 to a 36.7.

On the evening we collected 106 points as a team, 2nd place was 102 points and 3rd was 87 points. 12 teams in total took part and we was crowned the Regional Champions.

We have now progressed to the National Finals in Warrington in June.

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