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Great Ormond Street Charity Endurance Race 2022

So we was back to Brentwood Karting for my absolute favourite event of the year, it was the 2Hr Charity Endurance Race all in aid of Great Ormond Street.

There are so many reasons why I love this event so much:

  1. It raises so much money for an AMAZING charity.

  2. You get to race WITH your friends as opposed to AGAINST them.

  3. You can pay to get revenge on the Marshals by playing Joker Cards on them, Mikey took full advantage of this and spent his whole months wages on getting payback on Ben & making him dive in the cold water!

This year I actually had a different team as opposed to last year as Ben & Ethan are both in the Senior Karts, so we formed Ricky Bobby's Shakers & Bakers. Big Thanks to my Sponsor Just Unique Boutique for our personalised race shirts, they looked awesome.

I was sent out first to set our Quali laps to try and get us as far up the grid as possible. We knew that we would be on the back foot really as the Cadet karts don't really have much to put up a fight with the Senior karts but all we could do was our best and hope for a miracle! So we didn't end up with a miracle, however we did put the kart into P4.

So going into the Race we decided that Mikey was going to go out & do the first stint, we had a kart that had decent pace so we wanted to keep hold of that one for as long as possible, so our plan was to go long. We was hit with quite a few penalties (as expected) and all of us was pulled into the pits at one point or another to do star jumps & in Mikey's case have a bottle of water thrown over him and in his seat.

When we made the switch for George to do the next stint, he was signalling that the kart we was given was awful and he wanted to switch. So it was a dash to the pits for me again to do the middle stint and we made the switch. Out I went and how was our luck, the new kart was even slower than the one we had just switched from, so again I signalled to switch out. At this point we tried to play it smart and time getting one of the faster karts but in the end we just had to pit as we was losing so much time, we pulled the switch & ended up back in kart 35 which we started with and George completed the stint.

It was while George was out that we learnt that we could steal any kart we wanted for a fee and the kart that we wanted was kart 30, so we stole the kart from Killa Speed, they had to pit and give us the kart and then it was a race to the chequered flag.

We started climbing up the ranks with everyone playing joker cards on each other and penalties being issued and before we knew it we was knocking on the Top 10 doors with the time ticking down. With 10 minutes to go in the race no further joker cards could be placed and it was head down & charge to the finish. In the end we finished P9 and was the top placing cadet team.

We didn't take home any big trophies this year but we certainly won the award that we came for:


At the end of the evening it was announced that with the Raffle, Team Entry Fees & Joker Cards purchased an INCREDIBLE £7,000 was raised.

A huge thank you to Brentwood Karting and Carl Hillis for arranging another fantastic event, as ever I will be looking forward to taking part in this event in 2023.

Many thanks to Jody @ InstaKartPhotography For These Great Shots Which Was Taken On The Evening @ Brentwood Karting

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