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Race Against Dementia - 21st January 2023

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Today I took part in the Charity Race for Race Against Dementia at Brentwood Karting. It was absolutely freezing as it was a 9am start and I've never seen the track this frosty, this was going to be a lot of FUN!

My sister Isla has worked really hard with my mum leading up to the event, baking & decorating cupcakes and making sweetie cones which we sold at a cake sale in our school and raised an incredible £344.25, she also did the same again at the track on the Saturday.

We headed out for our Quali Session & it was utter carnage with everyone sliding off everywhere, driving on the ice was so much fun. I qualified P5 out of 17 drivers.

We headed back out onto track for our 40 minute race and I got a really good start as everyone was going off of the track but the conditions were a really tricky and holding the karts in a straight line was even hard.

There was some great comebacks, some funny barrier moments and laughter throughout the session and it was one of the funniest races I have had the pleasure of being involved in. Big congrats to Trent AKA Superman, Ben AKA The Chequered Flag & Ethan AKA Beau Sullivan for their podium finishes.

The grand team total is still being counted up at the minute but this should be over £7,000 and personally I have raised:

£3,384.25 + £643.50 Gift Aid

Huge Thanks To Nathan @on.a.reel For These Great Pictures Taken On The Day

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