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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 6

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's back for Round 6 of the Brentwood Karting Race League. I can't believe that we are already halfway through the season and I only have 5 races left to complete now of my Cadet career at Brentwood before moving onto The Super League in senior karts. So what happened this week then I hear you ask?

The kart that I drew for Quali & Heat 1 I actually had on Thursday Practice and to say the kart was awful on Thursday was an understatement so I wasn't holding out much hope for this one, but had to work with the best options that I had. I was surprised to actually have got 2nd in Quali and was hoping for a good start. The kart on pole wasn't massively faster so was hopeful that I could pull something out of the bag.

I got a decent start and held pace with James off of the line, so it was all about who had the confidence to keep their foot in till the very end, braking going down into Swimming Pool. This is where I took the lead of the race. The remainder was OK, the kart didn't have great pace but I was able to position it well in order to keep James behind me.

Heat 2 was next and I was given kart 25, the kart that was behind me in Heat 1, so I knew that it had good pace and coming from the back of the grid this was just what was needed and this kart did not disappoint! It was like a rocket ship in comparison to my first one and had power in all the right places and even managed a few manoeuvres round the outside of people and once I was clear of the pack pulled a great lead finishing 6.1 seconds clear of the rest of them.

Next up was the A Final and due to grid penalties I was starting P6 on the grid which was again a reverse track. This meant I was starting on the outside of the track, not my favourite of places for reverse as you can easily get squeezed out if a gap doesn't appear for you to slot in to the pack. It was a standing start, not rolling so this could make it easier for me off of the start, if I got a good launch. I got a good start and moved straight up in to 5th by the first corner and was hunting down P4.

P4 in front of me (Nathan) was actually someone that I have been helping out recently, who is new to the League and I felt a bit bad overtaking him but we was racing at the end of the day. Down the straight I just got better drive out of the corner than he did and was up into 4th. Going into Bubba's I was up into 3rd, this was soon back to 4th after being hit wide, no penalty was issued so I just had to get the position back again which I did a few laps later and was back in 3rd.

By this time the front 2 had pulled a bit of a gap, so it took me a few laps to catch and once I did the battle was on again between me & Mikey, a bit of a re-occurring theme for the season, not just at Brentwood! I did eventually move up into 2nd and shortly after dropped down to 3rd with an ABC being issued in my favour so Mikey had to give the position back again. This then turned in a proper race to the chequered flag....

The Closest Photo Finish You Will See This Season!

I crossed the line to claim 2nd by 0.032 seconds. That was really close! This week I also claimed fastest lap of the day so another additional point in the bag there.

We have now hit the halfway point in the season, I am 20 points clear of 2nd place and now only have 5 more Cadet Races left in me before moving onto the Super League. The run that I have had this season has been amazing and am looking forward to the final 5 races before hanging up my cadet boots for the next challenge at Brentwood.

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