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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 4

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

We were back at Brentwood for Round 4 of the Cadet Championship, what would happen this week? Could I claim a 4th victory of the season?

It was certainly a chilly start to the day and my hands felt frozen just after the quali session, but I managed to get the pole position again. The launch that I got off of the start was just incredible and this alone already pulled me a small lead going out of Range. The race was pretty uneventful for me as there was some ABC's that were going on behind me so where they were giving positions back it just increased my lead again, in the end winning the Heat by over 17 seconds.

Heat 2 was up next and my goodness what a shambles the rolling start was. It took 6 attempts to get the race underway and all the time the clock was ticking down. I was starting P14 and the fact that the clock was counting down was highly frustrating and by the time we actually got underway this had turned into a 4 minute sprint race. So what could I do from the back of the grid in P14 in 4 minutes? Well, I could go on & win the race on the final lap and that's exactly what I did!

This again had me starting in P6 in the A Final for the 4th week in a row, with a Le Man start going round the track the right way. The start for me was just a disaster, I went running to the kart and got myself stuck on the seat getting in and just couldn't move, quickly falling back to last on the grid. This was going to be a tough race from here, but just had to push on for damage limitation.

I started making positions up straight away but was hit with an ABC, so got put straight back to last again. I kept pushing as hard as possible and was making my way back through the pack again. I was up to 4th and made a move for 3rd and fell down the order again after being held on the outside of the track, again I pushed on and made my way back up to 4th again.

The move that was unsuccessful a few laps previous, I went for again as I needed to get on that podium and this time the kart had more pace on the straight and I moved up into 3rd. By this time the clock had ticked down too quickly and I just ran out of time to progress up any further. If I hadn't messed up the start, who knows what would have happened, but as far as a recovery drive, it was a pretty solid result again and next week I now only face a 2 place grid penalty, not the 5 that I have been having, so next week the win is the target!

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