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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 2

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Here we are, back at Brentwood Karting for Round 2 of the Cadet Championship, this week was a little busier at Brentwood, but still was only 2 groups but I was also facing a 5 place grid penalty, what could I get out of this week?

Qualifying went quite well, I felt that I had put together a solid lap but was beaten to pole by George, so was starting on the outside of the grid and hopeful that I could maybe get a good start and beat him off the line into the first corner.

Off the line the kart went nowhere and before I knew it Rory had also got the jump on me and I was already down in 3rd. I managed to stick with the top 2 throughout the race but unfortunately the kart just lacked the pace I needed to get ahead of Rory, even when he made a mistake at Paddock I was alongside him but just couldn't finish the move and ended in 3rd.

I was going into Heat 2 knowing that I needed a really strong result as a 3rd wasn't really good enough when I was facing a 5 place grid penalty. So we was lined up on the grid ready for the rolling start and I was starting P11.

The rolling start was a bit chaotic, but this week I managed to get through the first few corners without incident and by then end of the 1st lap I was sitting in P4, I just needed to keep pushing as hard as possible to make steady progress through. Kart 27 had incredible pace going down the straight and this gave me the confidence that I could even challenge for the win. I managed to make my way through and take advantage of someones error to claim the lead and win.

I was going into the A Final and was starting P6 on the grid, it was a reverse track which I was really pleased about after a shaky start to the weekend.

The initial start wasn't the best but I just followed Mikey's line through and managed to get myself into 4th by the exit of Paddock. Going down into Bubba's Alfie went wide and again I took advantage of that and was in 3rd. The next few laps Mikey and Rory were battling for the lead with Mikey coming out on top. A few times I made it alongside Rory again but was on the outside of the track which isn't the best position and the kart didn't have the pace to power through. After another few laps I managed to place my kart better and had track position and made my way into P2. Next up was Mikey and he had already got a bit of a lead but the kart had great pace once I was in clear air and I closed the gap.

I tried a few times to power past on the start/finish straight but this just wasn't going to work, so I just kept close and tried an overtake at various places and in the end Mikey went a bit wide going into Bubba's and I made the move to cleanly take the lead and confirmed my 2nd win of the season.

Again next week I will be facing a 5 place grid penalty so need to keep pushing but at the moment it's been a great start to the new season.

Many Thanks To Jody @InstaKartPhotography For The Great Photos Which Was Taken At Round 1 Of The Championship

Podium From Round 1

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