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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 11 - Part 2

So here we go, take 2 on Round 11......

Quick recap on what happened last week, the heavens opened, the racing was postponed and I had won my 1st heat..... Fast forward a week and the rain had finally stopped but it was still wet out and was very foggy, so could be tricky again.

We was lined back on the grid again and was heading straight out into Heat 2, so following my win I was starting P8 on the grid. Everyone was a bit unsure on what the correct line to take as we only had 3 laps to put in some practice laps. Everyone decided to play it safe and take the full wet line so seeing an opportunity I stuck to the inside of the track and flew past everyone and went straight into P2 coming out of Range. By the next corner I had taken the lead of the race and just was putting in consistent quick times in comparison to others who were a little unsure on where they could push the karts and in the end won the heat by 28.740 seconds.

That left me with 2 Heat wins and put me starting P3 on the grid for the A Final. It was still tricky conditions out there and the karts were sliding around and contact was being made everywhere and in the end I come home P2. I was hoping for a win but in the end it was safer just to sit in P2 than fight for the win in case of a spin.

We didn't have long to wait for Round 12 as it happened straight after the Heat, so the Championship would be decided today!

Podium From Round 11

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