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Brentwood Karting Race League - Season 9 - Round 11 - Part 1

So we were back for Round 11 of the Championship. The night before we were racing my Mum told me to expect the worst weather the next day and to make sure that I had full wet gear packed, with multiple pairs of gloves, socks and a full change of clothes.

When I woke up on the Sunday it wasn't raining at all & we was really confused and thought that maybe the storm wasn't going to hit us, it was only as I started doing my track walk that the rain really started coming down.

The Weather Was Just AWFUL

So we headed out on track for our Practice & Quali sessions and the conditions were very difficult. I do love the wet conditions and feel that these are one of my strengths and on the Quali I managed to go 0.837 quicker than P2 but it wasn't easy for sure.

When we was lined up on the grid I was hopeful that if I could get off the line and survive the first few corners then I could get the win, but my worry was always going to be the pack that was following behind as it would be very easy to go too fast into a corner and cause chaos and take people out with the amount of water that was on the track.

I survived the first few corners and managed to keep the kart on the track for the race. There was a few very scary moments, especially down at Range where the standing water was really starting to become an issue, as soon as you hit it it felt like the kart was going to come to a standstill, however in the end I took the win by 1.6 seconds, with the rain getting heavier all of the time.

We made our way out for Heat 2 and the conditions were just awful. It was decided to start the Heat as a single file rolling start to try to avoid carnage, this was what happened from the start.....

After 2 laps of this race it was Red Flagged & we had to return to the pits. We was told that racing was going to be suspended for an hour to see if the rain cleared and they could clear the standing water from the end of the track.

During the break the Podiums were given out for Round 10.

Some time was spent walking round the track in the rain until the decision was made to suspend the racing for the day and was told that the Round would be resumed next Sunday and straight after Round 12 would happen.


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