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When The World's In Lockdown & We Can't Kart We Sledge, With A Difference!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

When the UK went into its 2nd National Lockdown and we was all stuck at home for what felt like day 1001, it was a lovely surprise to get hit with some snow, it wasn't a huge amount but at the end of our road is the best hills around to sledge, so we hit the seafront!

Armed with my karting wetsuit as it wasn't getting any use on track, we took a trip down to see what fun we could have. Dad took his bike and me and my sister took the sledge. As we thought there wasn't really enough to sledge, but we put our own spin on it.....

It was absolutely freezing down there and blowing a gale, so we stayed there for about an hour and went home to warm up and dry off, sounds just like a wet morning at Brentwood!

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