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We Are The Champions - 2 Hour Charity Endurance Race

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

On the 15th October I joined forces with my 2 best friends Ben Yiangou and Ethan Saunders to take part in a Charity Endurance Race in aid of the fantastic Charity, Great Ormond Street at Brentwood Karting. Team Ed, Edd & Eddie was born!

The Endurance Race is always a fantastic event which is organised yearly at Brentwood Karting by Carl Hillis. Carl was a patient of Great Ormond Street so every year he hosts this fundraising event to give back to the hospital. Last years event raised an incredible £5,000 and this year they was hoping to smash that total.

It was down to me to set the qualifying lap and I managed to secure pole and took the prestigious Pole Position Award.

During the Charity Race people could buy joker cards to hit teams with. If you was hit with a Joker you was black flagged and had to come into the pits and do star jumps as a penalty before being allowed back onto the track. You could also buy BoJo card (a Boris Johnson card, so you could make the rules up as you wanted!).

During the race we each took a 40 minute stint each starting out with Ethan Saunders. The race was started in a Le Mans style where you had to run across the track to your kart and start your race.

As soon as Ethan crossed the start/finish line we was hit with penalties and started tumbling down the order as we was hit with a BoJo Card and dropped a lap instantly. Ethan worked really hard during his stint and managed to climb our way back towards the middle of the pack, following more Joker penalties.

Next up was Ben Yiangou, as soon as he was out, you guessed we was hit with more BoJo and Joker Cards and again fell down the order. We knew before we started that we would probably be targeted by a lot of other teams with penalties and would have to have the drive of our lives! Again, Ben didn't put a foot wrong and put in a really strong stint clawing back positions.

Now it was my turn to take the Kart out and finish the race. Guess what happened as soon as I went out on track? Yep, the Joker Cards and BoJo Cards come flying my way.

The last 15 minutes of the race was crazy, as people only had 5 minutes left to use Joker and BoJo Cards so the order was constantly changing and people were coming into the pits for penalties. We kept pushing as hard as we could and all 3 stints that we had driven as a team were faultless and FAST.

We crossed the line to finish First in the 2 Hour Charity Endurance Race to be crowned CHAMPIONS!!

It was so much fun to take part in this event, made even better by the fact that I got to team up with my friends instead of competing against them as normal and share a group podium. To make an incredible evening even better came the news that we had raised £7,000 for Great Ormond Street.

Where will Team Ed, Edd & Eddie compete next? Who knows........

Many Thanks To Jody @InstaKartPhotography for the amazing pictures, Dan Lee & The Team @BrentwoodKarting & Carl Hillis For Organising The Event

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