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Tutoring and Racing With Emily Linscott

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Emily is a F4 driver and started racing at Brentwood in 2016. She raced in the Ginetta Juniors in 2017 and once she finished her season she signed for Richardson Racing in 2018, and then raced internationally in an F4 car in the USA in 2018 as well. Once she got some good points finishing 7th in the championship she was then offered a scholarship by Laguna Seca, California, by Indy500 driver Pippa Mann and the Lucas Oil School of Racing.

Emily will be featuring in a documentary which will be aired during Summer 2022 which follows 3 rising female athletes competing in a male dominated sports and telling their stories. During a trip back to the UK we was lucky enough to be invited to join her on track for some tutoring and racing together where filming also took place. It was a great few hours where we could get some tips and hear about her amazing motorsport career.

We was all given a little pack with some Emily Linscott Merchandise in and I still wear the wristband now, its a lucky charm for me!

We wish Emily all the best for the remainder of her season.

Check out Emily's website for more information.

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