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Tour Of Silverstone With Brentwood Karting

Updated: May 15, 2022

I was invited by Dan Lee at Brentwood Karting to take a Tour of Silverstone with a few of the other lads that compete in the Cadet and Senior Race Leagues today and what an awesome opportunity it was.

When we arrived we was greeted by Rob Barff who has been at Silverstone for almost 30 years, so we was definitely in knowledgable hands.

We was lucky enough to get a full inside access to "The Wing" at Silverstone and what an amazing building it was. Last year was my first outing to Silverstone when I woke up there on my 13th Birthday and went to the British Grand Prix. We was sitting pretty much opposite where we was standing waiting to go in.

We visited exactly where all the media would sit while the Grand Prix was on, got to go in the Commentary Boxes, the Press Conference room, Race Control Room, inside the pit lane and garages, it was just such an awesome experience and one that makes you really appreciate just how much work goes on behind the scenes to go from an empty garage to a fully kitted out F1 garage.

I think one of the highlights for me was 100% walking out onto the Silverstone Podium. Having been opposite there last year for the F1 podium and watching Lewis come out and walk the exact same walk was just amazing.

Once we had finished in the building, we jumped onto a minibus and was taken for a tour of the circuit and stopped off in one of the working garages. There we got the chance to sit in one of the Formula Single Seater cars.... naturally I almost disappeared from sight when I sat in there as I was far too short!

Thanks again for providing these opportunities Dan Lee and Brentwood Karting and for an amazing tour Rob, I had the best day.

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Kelly Stedman
Kelly Stedman

It was a great day that even I got to tag along with! Thank you Brentwood Karting & Rob @ Silverstone

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