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Rye House Kart Raceway - Jenson Cup - Round 7

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

We are back at Rye House for Round 7 of the Jenson Cup. As usual the evening started out with the standard 15 minute Quali session which decided the grid for the race.

Again, I didn't have the best of Quali's and could only get P4.

I had an awful start as I was on the outside and there was just no room to tuck in, so I had to drop back some places. Once we got upto speed I started making my way up and was quickly into P3 by the end of the 1st lap. After that what could only be described as reckless driving ensued, where I was put into a tyre barrier and dropped down the order.

I got myself back on track as soon as possible and started to work my way back up again only to be tagged from behind & spun, so again dropped back to absolute last. This was gonna be a long race. It took me a fair few laps before I caught back up with the pack again as I was so far back.

Once I was on the back of the pack I had a great lap where I made up 4 places in 1 lap, majority of those places were in 2 corners. But again after I had made those moves the driving standards were appalling, where I had drivers weaving all over the track, running me off onto the grass verges and outright turning out on me, it was beyond a joke. Majority of the race was spent trying to deal with and survive!

In the end I did make my way towards the front of the pack but as with the same from the last round the front 2 runners were off into the distance. The rain came along with about 4 minutes left to go of the race and this was where I finally started to make a break for it and start catching the front runners who at the time were almost 30 seconds ahead of us. By the time we crossed the line I had got this down to 15 seconds, I just needed that rain to come a bit earlier and I could have been back at the front.

It was still a podium finish & I secured fastest lap so that was an additional point towards the Championship but I felt really frustrated with that race, not only because I felt I could have done more, but the driving standards were just not acceptable. This was all about damage limitation & will go down as a dropped round for me.

We now only have 3 Rounds remaining of this Championship, I'm still leading it and we will see what Round 8 brings next month.

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