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My First Race League Season At Brentwood Karting

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

It's the end of my First Season at Brentwood Karting and what a learning curve those 12 weeks were! Most weeks I was getting lapped by the front runners which was fairly embarrassing or spent more time off of the track than on it and most weeks I just wanted to give up! We went from getting genuinely excited about scoring a single point to total elation on the final round scoring an incredible 26 points.

In the end we forgot about the fact that we was in the league and just went race by race, setting our own targets, forgetting completely about the front runners as they were not our competition. We started by setting small achievable targets, just staying on the track and facing in the right direction was the first big one and that took a while to get to. Next we tried to hit consistent timings per lap and slowly but surely I started to get to grips with the Race League.

At the time I hated started karting in the Winter, I felt that I was getting nowhere, but now looking back I think it was the best time because if you can master the wet/damp conditions, you will be a pro in the Summer Season.

In my First Season I finished 19th out of 31 Drivers with a total points score of 56 points and feel pretty proud of where I have come from.

Lets hope for more points next season.

1st Race League Season
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