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My First Podium At Buckmore Park Karting Circuit

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The league isn't restarting at Buckmore until March this year, however they are running 2 practice sessions before then.

So today was first of the "one-off" rounds. I hadn't been to Buckmore since October and that was only a practice session, no racing or podiums. I wasn't too sure about the format of the day or how points etc work at Buckmore, so we was pretty much learning as we went along.

The first 5 minutes was a practice session and I was the 4th fastest out there. Although this wasn't classed as a qualifying session, it was just practice. We was lined up on the grid and I started 6th on the grid. I had a brilliant start and jumped my way to 3rd very quickly, however as the race progressed I was swamped a few times and in that managed to lose some places and ended up finishing the race 9th, it wasn't my best of performances, but at least I had another 2 heats to change that. I did come off disappointed but was determined to make the next heats count.

In heat 2 I started P15 but was put in the kart that was performing really well, so I knew that I had a good shot of making my way through the pack if I just kept my head down. I had a really good race and climbed my way to 5th on the grid, that was more like it!

In heat 3, I started 7th on the grid, I had the most AMAZING start and made my way straight to the front, unfortunately there was yellow flags (I'm still not sure what the reason for them was) but the race was restarted, so we had to line up on the grid again and try again. My start wasn't as strong but slowly made my way up again and put in the best defensive drive of my life against Nathan Crawley who was all over me and putting the pressure on. I had never been so pleased to see the chequered flag to come home P2.

As I said I'm all new to Buckmore, so I have no idea on points etc and how all of that works so I was over the moon to find out that I was starting P5 in the final, even if I managed to hold that position I would have been happy with my first performance. Again, I got off to a flying start and quickly started making my way up, this was really helped by 2 drivers that were battling in front of me as they was focusing on each other I was a bit later on the brakes and slipped down the inside. The charge then started to get myself further onto the podium and in the end I managed to secure P2, I tried my hardest for the win but it was just a step too far today.... maybe that will come at the next round!

Crossing the line for P2

Coming into the pits

Presentation of the trophies

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